So, where did everyone else hear about Ni No Kuni?

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  3. So, where did everyone else hear about Ni No Kuni?

User Info: rjthebarbarian

4 years ago#41
believe it or not a GameStop manager. who was really hyped about this game.

User Info: Seiko_Nurashima

4 years ago#42
saw a poster at GS asked multiple associates about it came to this board did some basic research and came to the conclusion I MUST HAVE THIS and preordered

User Info: LZetta

4 years ago#43
Friend of mine downloaded it for me while I was cooking dinner lol. He just told me to play it and thank god I did.

User Info: Chikikyo

4 years ago#44
I read an article about it from my nephew's issues of Gameinformer.

I was even susprised LEVEL 5 developed the game too...I said to myself, "A beautiful Dragon Quest VIII".

User Info: IdTheDestroyer

4 years ago#45
A long while back in Game Informer.
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User Info: Tiael

4 years ago#46
When the DS version was announced for Japan, was hoping for that one but really wanted the PS3 version here.
Ni no Kuni Wizard Edition-
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User Info: philthethrill

4 years ago#47

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#48
The PS3 board back in.....I don't even remember, I think it was TGS 2010. Right around then is when people started posting about it, up until then I had never seen or heard of it.

The moment I saw it, I wanted it. It's almost exactly what I've been waiting for in an RPG for the past 6 years.
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User Info: pusho

4 years ago#49
someone posted a topic about it in the PS3 forum here claiming that we HAD to buy it to support JRPGs or something like that, it was the first time I heard about the game and since then I have seen a lot about it.

Gonna buy it
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#50
Not sure of where but i saw it's name Somewhere else before the PS3 release
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  3. So, where did everyone else hear about Ni No Kuni?

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