What will make Ni No Kuni be a better game? A brief review..

#21MikeRoxTheBoatPosted 1/20/2013 12:48:12 PM
VanilleHopen posted...
not ripping off star ocean's battle system would of been kind of nice, but I digress..

Oddly enough, I didn't like Star Ocean 'cause they ripped off the Tales series. Of course, I didn't like the Tales series 'cause they ripped off Final Fantasy. Then again, I didn't like Final Fantasy 'cause it was on the Nintendo that just ripped off Atari. However, I reeeeally didn't like Atari 'cause it just ripped off the Magnavox Oddity.

The Magnavox Oddity, however, I hated immensely 'cause it used pixels that was really just a rip off of Frederic C. Billingsley and early space probes.

Of course, in retrospect, I really, really don't like any of those things 'cause it was made by people, who are just BLATANT rip offs of Adam & Eve, who themselves are cheap knockoffs of God.

So, in reality, I would just hate everyone and everything, 'cause nothing in this world is innovative, but I can't bring myself to hate everything, 'cause hate is SOOOO overused and unoriginal.

It's quite the dilemma, really.