I didn't think I'd be annoyed with this game.

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Leanaunfurled posted...
Well this is really amusing, with TC being very upset.

Buttfrustration is at its max.
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Yeah, the dialog is pretty cheesy, but I like Drippy since he provides a nice break from everyone else.

It's a unique story and universe so I can easily overlook it.
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Some of the responses in this thread are way too hostile lol. It's just an opinion. An opinion on a video game. Don't get too heated folks.

On topic: I love this game so far. It's absolutely amazing. But I can see where you are coming from TC. It took me a while to adjust, but basically I started just interpreting the dialogue as being Disney-esque. That is, it's childish, but intelligent at the same time. Witty in a weird sort of way. Once you stop treating this like every other JRPG, and start looking at it with more of a "I'm playing a Disney movie, and it just so happens to be an amazing JRPG" view, I think you'll enjoy it more. Unless you aren't a fan of Disney...then you're just crazy. ;)
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Drippy is the star of the voice cast for me. What a Welsh god.

Oliver's voice is at times adorable and cute and at times awful and annoying, and I don't know what it is. I HATE when he says 'Watch this!' when you go into battle sometimes. Phil is the other voice actor I hate but I mean he's in it for like 5 minutes if that.
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should have got the wizard edition and waited instead of complaining.
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"Fetch" is a common word

And so is the phrase "fetch the doctor"

Let me guess, you use the word 'addicting' instead of addictive, use 'could care less' when you logically mean something completely different and in your mind months come before days in chronogical time?
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boring_name posted...
The word "fetch" is cheesy? I guess fetch still hasn't happened yet.

I came in to say this... Points to you :)
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BlackFeathers posted...
I love European accents. Drippy sounds like a Jamaican speaking with a European accent. It's just odd to ME

LOL. That's called a Scottish accent, man. Many people find it odd.
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TC, stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen!
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