I didn't think I'd be annoyed with this game.

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I love European accents. Drippy sounds like a Jamaican speaking with a European accent. It's just odd to ME

LOL. That's called a Scottish accent, man. Many people find it odd.

It's called Welsh, actually.
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I've only played the demo, but Drippy speaks fine. he just uses an accent that isn't usually heard outside of the UK
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LoL trust me TC you have no idea what 'Toned' Down or poor translation is. I recommend you get an emulated copy of some old SNES JRPGs and you will see how silly this whole topic is. Lets take my all time favorite RPG, Chrono Trigger. In my younger days I must have beaten the game well over 20 times from start to finish, now the original port...THAT was poor dialogue and shoddy translation. To understand what i mean I want you to (you probably wont do it) play the SNES CT then play the DS port and you will laugh at the difference in Translation, back in those days games were all but forbidden to make any reference to alcohol consumption (Soda Serving taverns FTW).

My point being, until you learn how far JRPGs have come in terms of voice work and translation, please don't nitpick over something as dumb as a single word.
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I would love a lost odyssey 2....classic jrpg style and mature themes.
I am looking forward to Tales of Xilla. Graces was awesome. This mite be too childish for me
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Sorry you can't appreciate the flavor text, I don't find it "childish" at all, moreso refreshing than a lot of RPGs who use the same NA voice actors game in and game out.
And Drippy is awesome.

Reminds me a lot of DQ translations from Plus Alpha/8-4, which I personally love with all the puns, alliterations, onomatopoeia, regional accents and the "flavor text" sprinkled throughout the game.
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Ha ha. Simmer down folks. Let's clear some things up. First of all the main character is a child so it follows that he speaks like a child. That doesn't mean the dialogue is "childish”. The reason people are getting so butthurt here is that you are misusing the word. The word childish has a negative connotation, it often means immature or puerile.

The word you want is "innocent" or maybe even "childlike" but even that is not accurate as many characters other than Oliver get a little more complex in their speech and motivations. What you need to learn to do is appreciate a tale for what it is. This game is a fairy tale. Its job is to tell a story in a universally relatable way. You won't find weird clones of Jenova or Christian religious allegory here. This story is told in a simple, elemental fashion. An educated person can appreciate it as can someone who has few frames of reference. Think of your rum: it is an extremely basic alcoholic beverage, but one that many people enjoy without compunction. It doesn't NEED embelishment.

That doesn't make it "cheesy" either. The way the characters in Motorville speak is typical of the 1950s. You probably associate it with being corny because you've heard people talk like that on Leave it to Beaver re-runs when you were a kid. It's a way of speech we younger folk associate with an outdated way of life. Ghibli is using this period to give you Oliver's backstory without exposition. He's not a smart-assed modern child, he doesn't have a Facebook account or a cell phone. He's an innocent child an this adventure will open up the borders of his tiny world.
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Godly_Kongming posted...
I would love a lost odyssey 2....classic jrpg style and mature themes.

This. Or any other JRPG with a more sophisticated story to tell.
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You have to be a troll. No one is that ignorant that they've never heard a British phrase like "fetch the doctor".
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Lol so like the last ten posters were the only ones mature enough to respect my opinion. That's sad...
This is a Message Board. If you can't handle people criticizing a game that they've ALSO paid money for, then your parent's should have raised you better. :/
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According to this site's ToS, you have to be over 13 years old. The fact that you made an error like that, assuming you are over 13 years old...

There you go with the incomplete sentences again. :/
This is a Message Board. If you can't handle people criticizing a game that they've ALSO paid money for, then your parent's should have raised you better. :/