Post in here if you got a Wizard's Edition/when you get your Wizards Edition

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cykelman posted...
nekonuzze posted...
I'll get it on February 1st. Pretty good price, around 97EUR or 849SEK (Swedish)
The book seems amazing, so packed with info about the world and story.

Where did you order it from? I ordered from spelbutiken, but there it was 899SEK. Hopefully i'll get it at release day as well.

Webhallen. I just made it before it got all booked up.
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Honestly I wasted 3 hours last night having 3 conversations...That place is a ****show to say the least.
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Checking the website I do have a shipping label created, regardless of how slow they're being I should be good regardless though, right?
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No. I have a shipping label still, I also have a Order Processing still, and they sent me a cancel email.
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You can track your order if you go to UPS and put in your order number as the order reference. Mine is in Nashviille, TN and will be delivered today. YUS.
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