ok for 4 year old son?

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User Info: bbv92628sm

3 years ago#71
No video game or tv show is okay for a 4-year-old.
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User Info: Doom_Infinite

3 years ago#72
I played games when I was 4. Back then with the 8 bit era games were much harder than today too. Id say its certainly worth trying. If he doesnt get hooked now a few years later he probably will.
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User Info: dmbrandonn

3 years ago#73

And if you're sheltering your kid about dying, I'm doubting he has the mental capacity to be able to read... anything, let alone enough to comprehend this game.

User Info: the_requiem

3 years ago#74
As a fellow parent and someone who plays games around kids here is my suggestion:

It is okay to play this game with 4 yr old. Think of this like a Studio Ghibli movie where he can make good parts last longer and bad parts go through faster. If you approach it that way, you'll be surprised how much fun he will have.
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User Info: YoungGganon

3 years ago#75
What most of these guys are saying. I think it's going to be too advanced for him to play or even have the attention span to give the game a go. It's an RPG after all.
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User Info: ReverendCiars

3 years ago#76
If he can handle death scene or two,
knows how to read and will pay attention to the cutscenes,
knows how an RPG works,
and can understand Drippy,
then he should be fine, if you are playing with him.

User Info: TrueKirby

3 years ago#77
Funny, I excpected this generation to be dumber than last generation.
Ya learn something new every day...Hmph....
Wait, you want your little kid to be able to play a JRPG?
::::OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Anyways, for a good starter RPG, I would say something like Pokemon', that's always a good start.
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User Info: Galcian

3 years ago#78
Maybe around 5 or 6 but 4 is a bit young
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User Info: Gaboado

3 years ago#79
Make him play Mario or whatever. This game battle system is not easy and its heavy in text. Maybe a 15 year old would enjoy this.

User Info: KukaiDragon

3 years ago#80
apacke09 posted...
Thanks for the continued input.

Regarding the game's difficulty and all of the reading that is involved with the game, if I wasn't clear before, I'll state it explicitly now - this is a game that my son and I would be playing together. At no point would I be switching it on and just leaving the room. He is still learning his letters and not reading yet, so I will be reading aloud whatever isn't spoken.

I'm reposting this because I don't think anyone is noticing it was posted. This is the TC by the way.

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