Mediocre reviews because of difficulty?

#11Ultimate_BrolyPosted 1/28/2013 4:36:25 AM(edited)
It's not really that hard. I did die around 3 times throughout the game but that was early on when I had very little money, so its not like I lost a substantial amount (probly around 4k guilders). Otherwise if you know where to level and where not to go at your level you will do fine.

Just remember to save when you get to a new place just in case the enemies are too strong. If you can win battles fine or have a little trouble save after every few battles. It's not rocket science like the reviewers make it seem lol.

EDIT: Btw I'm at 50 hours and just going to miasma marshes which I believe is the 3rd or 2nd last dungeon? (spoiler?). So it can be 60 hours depending what you're doing. I think my platinum will be anywhere around 80-100 hours due to having to max out a familiar at 50 stat points and the synthesizing.
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The chick that reviewed it didn't seem overly bright from the game play video I watched her playing.

I don't know how you can make such a large deduction for difficulty when you have options to lower it if it's to hard.

I have no problem with low reviews, but low reviews for stupid reasons really grind my gears. As well as the low reviews just for the sake of being different to other magazines in the hope people look at their website to generate income.
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#13Synthetic_CKPosted 1/28/2013 4:33:46 AM
If you spend any time catching the local familiars in an area before moving ahead, you won't have any trouble at all since you'll level a few more times and be ready for the next set.
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This is getting mediocre reviews? This is news to me.
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#15berserksPosted 1/28/2013 4:45:20 AM(edited)
" I'm finding the game to be a breeze, but then again I spend a lot of time grinding because I love the combat and getting my fam's levels high. "

If you play like him the game will be easy but if you don t grind much to lvl new familiar it gonna get harder but the game never really go beyond average difficulty ( unless you go places you re not supposed to go yet ) no matter how you play .

Btw , losing money on death is nothing compared to having to recapture a familiar you just captured before dying or get some items that are hard to find .Beside , if you save often you ll barely ever have to use continue .

For the length i ll say it will take on average from 50 to 60 hours but you re playtime can easily go beyond 70/80 hours if you do EVERYTHING .
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#16windu3390Posted 1/28/2013 4:45:57 AM
I've not found it difficult at all but I've played a ton of RPG's and I also probably stay a couple levels ahead of the curve because I enjoy the battle system so much. If you have any issues with the difficulty there is an option to set the battles to an easier mode.
#17dooms14Posted 1/28/2013 5:01:56 AM
Game isnt hard its just Ai is unreliable until you get "All Out". Then Boss battles get a little bit easier. Havent beaten a boss with a teammate alive, because Phoenix Downs aren't cheap.
& Gear isn't either. Good thing this game has Death EXP other i be ticked trying to keep my party alive for a boss battle exp.
#18MoooglemanPosted 1/28/2013 5:21:28 AM
45 hours haven't died it's really easy. that reviewer is nuts i read that too and half got excited expecting some challenge. :/ only thing i'd change in the game is make it harder
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Mech_Battalion posted...
Everyone I know who has played this game loves it. I open my Game Informer and see 7/10 where they praise EVERYTHING except the difficulty. They complained about losing money when you died and they made it sound like they died a lot, even against normal enemies...

I am picking it up this week, but I was wondering how difficult it really is. I am kind of excited to hear it has some merit to it and isn't so easy a 5 year old could beat it in a day.

Also, how long is the game? Would you say the average RPG length 60 hours?

lol wat? You can save anywhere on the world map, anywhere in town, they prompt you to ask if you're sure or give you a chance to save before initiating any "boss" battle if you seriously die and lose money you deserve it for being an idiot. As for random encounters I've yet to run into one where I can't spam X to spam attack and win and I'm 30 hours into the game.
#20dooms14Posted 1/28/2013 5:28:30 AM
Mooogleman posted...
45 hours haven't died it's really easy. that reviewer is nuts i read that too and half got excited expecting some challenge. :/ only thing i'd change in the game is make it harder

45 hours and havent died? i dont believe you. Goto Casino talk to skeleton and take a picture of your death count.