Anyone get an email form namco about the Prima guide.

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This was taken off the namco forums.

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someone in the official ni no kuni complaint facebook group said that they got an email back from the customer reps saying that it won't be shipping out until mid-to-late february... if true, it sucks even more.

i buckled to the pressure and bought the standard edition yesterday after finding out that my local gamestop had one last copy left. and so, basically, i won't even be able to use their "compensation" for anything but pretty reading material by the time it arrives... if it actually does.

If it comes in mid-feburary that hilarious. I dont think so though. If I wake up Thursday and theres nothing then I will complain. I bought a guide already but my friend missed out so I was gonna sell to him for cheap to make my money back.
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I'm not planning on using the guide on my first playthrough, but I will only use after post game stuff or if I ever get stuck really bad.
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I didn't get anything either :/

I'm still waiting for my 20 buck off coupon.