This or FFXIII?

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the_requiem posted...
I'd say go for FFXIII first. By the time you finish it, NKN might be available for cheaper. FFXIII is not as bad as many made it out to be. I enjoyed it, except for a couple characters that made you scratch your head.

The game is only about 25-30 hours long minus the post game quest, so it wont even last him.
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Thanks for the input everyone.

I decided to go with FFXIII for now. I still definitely want to play Ni No Kuni, but FFXIII seems to be a better fit for me atm.
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Annnnnnnnnnnnd topic confirmed to be a troll.
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To me this is what 13 should have been. Maybe not as cartoon animeish but still. This games been more Final Fantasy like than the last three final fantasy games, which is sad.

In all honesty this game reminds me a lot of chrono cross
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I have both. I like both. I really enjoy how NNK emulates classic jrpgs, though.