The Merit Stamp awards are really underwhelming.

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I think Eg's on to something: TC and this topic are pointless.

If the Merit awards weren't so lack luster I wouldn't have to make this topic. Blame the developers not me.
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Pretty sure you're just trolling at this point, that or you don't seem to understand the concept of "10%" or of "you can outsail enemies." It's your (laughable) fault if you think you should end up making 50% extra experience. That's NG+ level stuff. And holy crap, the ability to jump is literally the first thing on the chart for 1 stamp card, it's not supposed to be some amazing bonus.
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Are you kidding?

I just got the reward that doubles the restorative orbs dropped from enemies and I've noticed it taking effect immediately. It was well worth my while to get it.

Even if you don't agree, it's still better than no reward at all.
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All the merit stamp awards have already greatly boosted me in battle, of course I have pretty much two rows down, and I am only half way through the game pretty.

Trust me its bonus this game can still be hard in battle.
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They're highly useful to me. :/ I don't call faster traveling, better orbs, more exp, higher taming rate, better drop rates, easier back attacks, lower spell/skill costs, cheaper shop prices useless.
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The +20% XP is amazing when combined with a tokotokocold. Getting 29,000 xp after a fight is anything but underwhelming.
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Jumping is awesome...
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This TC is a trofooll.