Stupid GameStop Employees

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4 years ago#171
oh you have no idea lol..especially when its a multiple release date and there's more than 1 physical preorder bonus.
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4 years ago#172
From: Ep1taph303 | #166
Oh I don't know, just read the topic title and the text below it?

So..he's vile for being upset about receiving an item not in perfect condition and not getting a small reimbursement for it. That says more about you that you call him 'vile' for that than it does for him, but okay, guy.

From: Darlordvader | #167
well after the fact that you were entitled to it, you should be sitting down and playing your damn game.

He got it the day of, and he has. I think you severely overestimate how much time posting a topic on a dumb message board takes.

And I guess with only video games is it okay to tell a customer they can get something with the purchase of something else before a certain time and then have it be completely fine to not give it to them at all or give it to them in poor condition with no acknowledgement that the customer got the raw end of it and gets no reimbursement whatsoever.
4 years ago#173
Just mail it to me, I'll "take good care of it".
4 years ago#174
Darlordvader posted...
oh you have no idea lol..especially when its a multiple release date and there's more than 1 physical preorder bonus.

And holidays too.
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4 years ago#175
StuntmanSnake posted...
castrejon04 posted...
So you are complaining on something you are getting for free? Some people didn't even get the steel book.

That was the same bull**** logic the GameStop employees were feeding me. That's like saying if they gave me nothing at all and said "Well, it would have been free, right? No loss!

I preordered for a reason.

It's not even close to bs but I hear ya. New items are expected to be in good condition regardless of whether its free.

And it is free still, so while we are entitled to it because it was promise we shouldn't complain as if we worked hard for it.

I'm kinda torn on this.
4 years ago#176
Well let me ask you this, say you get 100 preorders for a game. upon arrival of the game shipment, you realize you've only been given 75 preorder bonuses. you call gamestop corporate to let them know, and they tell you their hands are tied up in the matter because they have to be fair to all the stores in the area. so what are you, as the minimum wage gamestop employee who has to deal with customers all day supposed to do?

fact is there's not much we CAN do, aside from handing out the preorder bonuses first come first serve! do you know how many customers i've dealt with in my admittedly short time at this job, who complain that they didn't get x bonus and that they want to be reimbursed?? maybe 1 or 2, because the majority understand that it is first come, first serve, and there is literally nothing us employees can do, especially when it's something you were not charged extra for.
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4 years ago#177
chocolatethund4 posted...
Why are you guys ripping his guts out? I'm petty sure if I had that and whenever i looked at the game case my eyes would always fall on that dent. plus, you shouldn't be ridiculing him for preordering the game to get something that you could have got also.

4 years ago#178
westonticklee posted...
Darlordvader posted...
oh you have no idea lol..especially when its a multiple release date and there's more than 1 physical preorder bonus.

And holidays too.

holidays weren't even that bad, it was just very busy and we had a lot of customers in the store. release dates are completely dreadful.
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4 years ago#179
Came here after seeing this on the top board/topic list, and the posters here reminded me why I never go on Eastern game boards.
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4 years ago#180

Gamestop Employees/Has a good relationship with one: Hates TC and will try to overdo smiley faces to make fun off him
People who've had bad experience with gamestop: Completely on TC's side and will spew Gamestop hate comments.

Everyone Else: Let's go get some cookies.

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