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3 years ago#1
When your in the boat and open the world map, is there any way to know where everything is? It looks like the location names are there but way too small to read. Is there any way to zoom? If not, how the hell do you know where you might land?
I'm not talking about the STAR, that's obvious. I'm talking about all the other locations. For example, one of the errands said go to Robinson Island. How do you find it if nothing is marked. What is it hit or miss? Or am I missing something?
Live Long and Prosper
3 years ago#2
area names will display when you look on the map after you are landed or when you are flying over them. As for the boat, i dont believe you can see the name of the area until you actually get off the ship.
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3 years ago#3
use your wizard book i found that very helpful
3 years ago#4
The Wizard Book? How?
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3 years ago#5
Live Long and Prosper
3 years ago#6
When you sleep at the inn in a town, information about the surrounding areas are added to your wizards companion. However, it doesnt give the name of most of the little islands you are talking about. Like i said, you're probably going to have to stick to good old fashioned exploration and go to each island if you want their names this early.
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Name: Ian

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