If you're playing this in Japanese VA, you're doing it wrong.

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Muflaggin posted...
I thought the Japanese voices were fine as usual. Drippy's American VA was downright awful. Then again Drippy himself was too.

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If you're playing a game with japanese voice acting, you're doing it wrong, unless it's the japanese version.

Watching animes with english subs is one thing, but japanese va in games sucks. Seriously, 99.9% of the game, all you see is character portraits talks 99% of the time.

Without the lips moving and with character portraits being able to barely show emotions, Japanese VA is useless.

A friend of mine even tried to tell me the kingdom hearts series is best played with japanese va. This shows how people are ignorant, since really, most of the cast is disney character, which original voice acting is done in english.
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I have the strangest, most irrational reason for not wanting to switch to english dubs on a second playthrough.

I can't not see Mum, mother of the fairies, as having anything but the voice of Bubby from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (yes, I'm aware the show is horrible, but her voice is quite memorable). I really don't want that to not be the case, be cause I just look at her and it screams "Bubby".

Yes... that is literally my reason. I don't wanna be disappointed.
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how can japanese fit the characters more when the game is set in america? some people, i swear.
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I thought the characters brought out more emotion with Japanese voices, so the choice was obvious. Besides, it's a Studio Ghibli collab. Even if Spirited Away is masterfully done in English, there's no comparing it to the Japanese dubs.
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Can a have a toggle for a Japanese Oliver and a Welsh Drippy please?
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Saying something ismore to the character seems strange for anything that's not live action. When I watch a movie I of course watch I'm the original language as the characters body and expression coincide with the voice. However I prefer animated things to be in English as it is less intertwined with the whole package. As long as the voice acting is good, as I think it is here, it seems equally valid and not "inferior" or any less authentic.
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Wasn't the Japanese audio fairly widely disliked in Japan? I've seen this mentioned on Neogaf. Apparently they used film actors rather than professional voice actors, and they weren't very good at voice acting. Also it's apparently easy to tell that Oliver is voiced by a woman.
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Oni_Taedo posted...
Panty and Stalking

I'd watch this.
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From: spnccarman | #254
how can japanese fit the characters more when the game is set in america? some people, i swear.

Is it actually stated to take place in America? Don't recall that being said in game.
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