More efficient way to farm than the Toko method!!!

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3 years ago#1
On the most northern part of the map near mountains(over ding dong dell) near the big bones on the map. You're in the right area if there's a lake with one of the gold sparkles and it nets you 2 wetstones I believe.
When you are able to reach that part of the map, go there and you will find a giant,lumbering and brown moose-like beast called the Ulk. Engage him in battle and you will net a tad bit more than the Toko, 1,224 in cash And drops rare potions that heal all MP and HP. The Ulk's spawn is great and it's a much quicker way to net more money and XP due to his spawn rate and rare drop! Wail on em' and enjoy the XP, Cash, and rare potion drops!
3 years ago#2
First of all he's still a kinda rare spawn (can take several tries) but more importantly if you're interested in experience it's absolutely impossible to beat Tokotoko and Tokotocold, which give over 8,000 and 24,000 experience each, respectively. Goldwise 1,224 is quite bad since you can get 600+ gold from regular mob encounters in later areas and you can beat those WAY faster than Ulks.
3 years ago#3
I haven't got that far yet. If you're well-leveled, you can destroy the Ulk in mere seconds. He's spawned for me 90 percent of the time( 2 at a time mostly!) and the slight time that the Ulk doesn't, I use the Gateway trick and spawn Ulks instantly in the part of the map that I'm describing. It's quick easy XP, cash and rare loot drops for people that are about mid way through the game. Thanks for the info though. Once I get to that point, I'll definitely be looking out for that!
3 years ago#4
thanks I will definitely give it a try tho
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3 years ago#5
ulks span alot more than toko's and they spawn in bunches.
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3 years ago#6
I'm pretty sure that if you can beat Ulk in mere seconds then you can probably 1-shot Tokotoko mobs. And I guess I'm not as lucky as you with their spawns. But that's cool that it's a useful farm spot.
3 years ago#7
"Seconds" was a little exaggerate. It usually takes me 15-20 seconds I'd estimate with my puss in boots. He completely wrecks shop at the ulk between him and my dino.
3 years ago#8
I'm level 27 atm is this a good level to go here? Thanks for posting btw
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3 years ago#9
they aren't always there and take much longer. Also if ou can fly you might as well cast veil and kill tokotos. 5x as much exp per kill.
3 years ago#10
If you have a final form puss in boats, you can wreck the Ulk. My puss in boats destroys the ulk doing about 87 -98 of damage each hit, while his slice and dice does 300 per hitI spam the All Attack command to speed up finishing him off. Defend when the ulk does "ulk smash" and it will pop out many mp an health orbs to make up for the mp used. I usually bring tons of coffee and use Swaine to steal the "nostrus" potion from the ulk when I run low. I'm telling you guys..i'm spawning 2-3 Ulks each! In the area I mentioned. If you don't see any, use gateway trick and like I side they're almost always there spawning in bunches. Wash, rinse and repeat easiest and hassle free way to quickly make cash mid way and earn XP. Like I said before, once I get forward to that section I'll be looking forward to trying that out. I jusy haven't found anything easier due to spawn rate than this!
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