best start pet to capture list only 3.

#1cuoongwhomyPosted 1/30/2013 4:09:52 PM
1st town water dungeon. dunglerfish and bubbud(flower) at the end of instance.

when lvl 1 to 2, fish gain 20 stats bonus for att,def,m.def (roughly 50-60 stats total). bubbud gain 20 stats bonus for def, mdef, matt ( roughly 50-60 stats bonus total).

Giving these 2 pet for the girl will give you more stats bonus. the fish will gain extra 15 att stats at lvl 7 when give to the girl compare against the boy same lvl 7 fish.

In golden grove, worker bumbler has 20 stats bonus for m. att . give it to the boy for more stats bonus.