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User Info: Storm83

4 years ago#11
I just wanted to say thats very nice of you. 921sora gave me the Griffy code basically for free when I offered him $40 worth of Namco Bandai codes to use, he didnt even want them. Very very nice of him! Ill take a shot at it too since him and Flutterby are the only ones I need and I have everyone else. ( =
If I were to get it, I would also give mine away when I go to pick up my guide if I find one in stock.

User Info: DigitalFusion

4 years ago#12

Put everyone that posted in this topic into that website and it will pick a winner, only being 1 winner :)
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User Info: Solar1214

4 years ago#13
I'm feeling lucky!

User Info: ZombiWalker

4 years ago#14
awesome, I'll throw myself in the lotto, would be nice to get a golden familiar

User Info: xXMysticBladeZX

4 years ago#15
Good luck everyone. :)
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User Info: lone-wolf211

4 years ago#16
Thanks :)
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User Info: UserNameStolen

4 years ago#17
This is real nice of you. Good luck to everyone.
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User Info: JOMMY999

4 years ago#18
Golden Hurly's Wife is here . I need my husband !!!

User Info: KDRAN6

4 years ago#19
Very cool, thanks.

User Info: MAUIBOI_808

4 years ago#20
no hoops?

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