Golden Hurly Code

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4 years ago#181
Toss me in!
PSN ID = robreyes
Xbox 360 GT = dirtyreyes
4 years ago#182
thanks DigitalFusion
4 years ago#183
Enter me in the drawing please.

**Unless it is a EU exclusive code**

I reside in NA and I don't want to gank a code a can't use, especially considering I've heard nothing of the exclusive familiars before.

4 years ago#184
Put me in too!
Insanity in individuals is something rare -- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule...except on GameFAQS.
4 years ago#185
sounds good!
go jets--go braves
4 years ago#186
Sure why not
4 years ago#187
Me too!
I see said the blind man to the deaf dog
4 years ago#188
Highly doubt I'll win, but you can't win without trying in the first place.
Currently playing: Ni No Kuni, PSP games (not Persona; I refuse), trying to watch every found footage movie ever made
Care less, have power
4 years ago#189
Add me to the list :)
PSN: Hell-Raiser-85
4 years ago#190
And now i'm in a raffle, yay.
GT: Exiled Irenicus PSN: EnviableKira
"There's nothing worse than a sad tree" - Yonah.

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