Golden Hurly Code

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2 years ago#201
I'll throw my name in for consideration. thanks.
2 years ago#202
Go go random chance!
2 years ago#203
Thanks! Count me in, too.
2 years ago#204
2 years ago#205
I would love a Golden Hurly! Please count me in.
2 years ago#206
Please and thank you!
Call me Trebellion
2 years ago#207
Go go power ra...oh wait random number generator!
2 years ago#208
(^_^) <-- the Prophet Mohammad // APM is SC2's GearScore
(message deleted)
2 years ago#210
As my pre-order on the strategy guide was cancelled, I guess I'll go ahead and throw my name in the running as well. Thanks for the generosity, TC!

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