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2 years ago#41
Why not... Me and random don't tend to mesh well though.
Working on a sprite animation called MegaMan: Epilogue. Teaser Trailer at Youtube channel (FusionZX)
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2 years ago#42
thanks tc!
2 years ago#43
Oh hey, why the heck not. Sounds cool.
2 years ago#44
Count me in!
2 years ago#45
Posting and hoping :) thanks TC
XBL GT: Kendei
PSN: Kendei
2 years ago#46
Count me in
Patiently Waiting for FFVS13.Tales of Xillia, Hatsune Miku project diva f
PSN: herbie24, black 2 FC:5029-2556-9268
2 years ago#47
2 years ago#48
That's cool, good luck everyone.
2 years ago#49
Sure why not
PSN - Xanadir
Currently Playing - DJ Max Technika Tune, Ni No Kuni, Ragnarok Odyssey
2 years ago#50
Sure, I'm in! Thanks

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