Golden Hurly Code

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2 years ago#51
Why not? I'm in.
XBL:IdTheDestroyer8 PSN:IdTheDestroyer
2 years ago#52
i'll give it a try
Seriously... all of these flames are amusing that it's fun to be trolled nowadays, FLAME MORE EVERYONE! THEY ARE FUN! Official Laguna's Ragnarok Cannon of TGAE!
2 years ago#53
2 years ago#54
oh, hai der
2 years ago#55
luck of the draw!
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Official Abyss Greatsword of the Dark Souls Board
2 years ago#56
2 years ago#57
Already bought powerball tickets. Might as well gamble some more.
Prinny Rule #1: You shall always include the word "dood" in every line you say.
PSN: alert-kun
2 years ago#58
Heart of the card!
PSN: bleachhero00
2 years ago#59
Add me in this fun! :D
2 years ago#60
My luck will get the best of me, I'm sure...

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