EU *didn't install properly please quit the game*

#11PotatoSalesmanPosted 1/31/2013 6:11:49 PM
Closed to remove all evidence that they screwed up...the nonces
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the_requiem posted...
Now this is golden:

Official Tech Support Forums are down for maintenance.

Thats what im coming to say xD

i just can laught.... this is getting really funny..... i want my fkng money back, and i just going to play the game in ps3 cause there is no other way....

Fck u sony and specially you technical support... if there are any. . . ._______
more than 12 hours asking when is the 16gb release, when can the preorders players play... no one ask, just 1 moderator saying that with 6gb file we can play at 00:00.... lol.... he is totally wrong... what can we expect?

G i v e m e m y m o n e y b a c k
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It has actually become strangely funny...I'm still incredibly annoyed but can't help but laugh at how absurd it is.

-editski- Ooh ooh its back!