Platoon is luck based

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3 years ago#21
Once you know the AI trick it's really easy @_@, last night i played after learning the trick and made like 200-400k in two sessions (5 games each), i stopped early on each one to be safe cause i'm paranoid
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3 years ago#22
The time spent complaining about luck vs skill in Platoon should really just be spent playing the game more. After a few rough starts, you should be able to win at least a few games in a row. You can then chicken out if you get scared, or go for broke and make millions.
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3 years ago#23
I'm complaining while playing. Hey anything actually worth buying in the Casino at just the first 2 tiers? or should I save my chips
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3 years ago#24
Oh I'm able to win lots in a row, but I can't make it to 1 million without going broke because of bad hands
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3 years ago#25
I only make a million once, i normally get scared. The first time i played i got about 150k, so i decided to take a chance and go all the way.
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3 years ago#26
If it was so luck-based I doubt I would have gotten max chips twice in a row (over 3 million). Sometimes you really do get really, really terrible cards, at which point SOMETIMES you lose (if your opponent plays well). But most of the time you shouldn't. I mean, I've had the computer play King/Wizard against me multiple times... that gives me an instant win no matter how terrible my draw is.
3 years ago#27
Paulkotsu posted...
I'm complaining while playing. Hey anything actually worth buying in the Casino at just the first 2 tiers? or should I save my chips

I will assume that your "first 2 tiers" are A & S Rank, even though they are the last you can access (S only after you been the game).

If you want a trophy, or the ability to watch (almost) all of the in game movies, then you will need around 100k (don't remember, just guessing) for S Rank Prizes.

A Rank are just Jumbo Spheres. The best items are actually in the bottom two rows... you will want a lot of crownberries and babanas.
3 years ago#28
no, I meant C and B as the first two Available tiers
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3 years ago#29
In that case everything in the bottom row is helpful and the second row (B Rank) has 2 tickets to help you on the way to 250 familiars, but neither are great. I don't remember what else was in the 2nd row though, some kind of MP consumable I think.

I ended up winning around 250,000 from platoon and that was more than enough to get everything I needed from the casino, all the way to getting Platinum.

If you are short on money, you could buy many of the badges and sell them. Even the crownberries and babanas are easy enough to farm if you don't want to buy them.

If you are going for Platinum and/or want to finish all the errands, you will eventually get enough money to buy all the chips you need to get the prizes, without even having to play 1 game in the casino.
3 years ago#30
Platoon IS luck based

but you can use skill to move the odds in your favor

For example, i got a string of the dealer getting a mixture of at least 4 of the following: kings, wizards/bishops

when I had no special cards at all so it was an auto loss no matter what.

But the time I won over a million was a 6 game streak of no special cards, with the 6th match having numbers so low that I can only make 2, 2, 3, 18,19. I won because I somehow accurately predicted her wizards.

Something that I play by is when using kings, never use them against single cards. Chances are that it is a single king or bishop and you will lose on either one (since draws are essentially losses as far as platoon is concerned) or it will be a low card that your 'sacrifice' 1 low card group might be able to win against. 2 cards seem to be the best to use kings against because of how much the dealer likes to get and play bishop/wizard
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