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3 years ago#31
DarcKage posted...
Making 120 different alchemy items sounds incredibly tedious.

Is it as annoying as it sounds? :<

To be honest yeah it can get annoying at times. When I first started going for the trophy though I was surprised how many recipes I could make. I barely used alchemy until I had to for this trophy it was my 2nd to last one. Though once I got to the last 5 recipes it got tougher because the items were either relatively rare or I just needed so many of them to make some e.g bubble pipes.

Another note if you do go for it ignore the recipes for the kaledo stones and the scrolls of truth because that would take way too much time.
3 years ago#32
not in this club, nor would i care to be in it..

i rather satisfy my ocd and be in the 1 planet sign toko club.
3 years ago#33

Took me 77 hours and 3 minutes to complete. Had the hardest time getting tachestones, never did see the puss-in-boats until well after the 70th hour mark.
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3 years ago#34
20 familiars away from plat at this point.
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3 years ago#35

Took about 70+ hours, gonna keep catching the rest and farm rare drops so I can finish the last few recipes. Still love it :D
3 years ago#36
got my plat and currently grinding for 100% alchemy (currently at 97%)

need to catch one more gold toko and will have caught every single familiar.
3 years ago#37
*joins club*

Finally got it at 73 hours. My first platinum ever too.
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3 years ago#38
Very wearily signs. Played for 9 1/2 hours straight today to finish this off with a final time of 83:42
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3 years ago#39
one of the first 50 ppl that got platinum

got it in 78:59 hours
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3 years ago#40
Got it yesterday at ~78 hours.
I left the Guardian Trophy for last because I like to finish the plat with a trophy like that rather than a grind trophy.
Of course that guy was fodder for my team at that point, I was disappointed.

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