How-To-Tutorial:Steal rarest items with 100% chance / Scroll of Truth, etc.

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Here's a youtube link for the video:

Steps 3 and 4 of the following tutorial can be applied as soon as you get Swaine in Castaway Cover, after obtaining Letter of Passage from Cowlipha in Al Mamoon.

But you can only make Medal of Impunity after you reach Nazcaa continent. And since since many enemies can pester you with status ailments, and due the enormous and often stupid amounts of time needed to get some materials for alchemy, I've put together a small tutorial to help you cut down on the time needed.

STEP 1: Making All-Be-Gones!

To make 1x All-Be-Gone in the alchemic cauldron, we need:
1x Plainswort Flower
- harvest them in Rolling Hills
1x Booster Shoots
- harvest them in Rolling Hills
1x Old Oak Leaves
- harvest them on Nazcaa

STEP 2: Making Medal of Impunity!

To make Medal of Impunity (immunity to negative ailments) in the alchemic cauldron, we need:
1x Star Pearl
- Common drop/steal: Baarndancer on Nazcaa continent
- Common drop/steal: Astralynx in Ivory Tower
- Common drop/steal: Neolith in Ivory Tower
3x All-Be-Gone
- made via alchemy
3x Glowcap
- harvest them in Golden Grove - South, Shimmering Sands

STEP 3: Locating Golden Honky-Tonker (or any other enemy for that matter)!

There are two versions of Honky-Tonker that exist in the game.
Blue-version with piano-on-head is found in Ivory Tower, while golden Honky-Tonker roams The Tombstone Trial. Note that golden Honky can only be found once you've completed the game!

He can only be found in the cave area of The Tombstone Trial, and can be located either as a wandering mob, or within other mobs.

Tip: You're more likely to encounter golden Honky-Tonker by assaulting any mobs you come across. I suggest using Veil to get first-strike, and if golden Honky-Tonker isn't a part of the enemy groun, you can flee easily before enemies get a chance to react. This is a faster process IMO that continuously running around hoping for one to spawn.

Golden Honky-Tonker has three items in its drop list, those being Star Crystal, Troll's Tears, and Scroll of Truth. We want the latter, and here's 100% guaranteed way to obtaining it.

STEP 4: How to obtain Scroll of Truth with 100% probability (or any other rare item for that matter)!

- Once the battle starts, switch to Swaine, and press Square to enable All-Out Defense.
- Access "Tactics" bubble and set everyone to "Don't do anything".
- Whenever All-Out Defense lapses, press Square again to keep it running.
- The basic premise behind this is to have Esther and Oliver continuously defend, thus helping you out with "Nice!" whenever they block enemy's trick.
- Oliver will sometimes cast Ward, but other than that he never did anything else.
- Now you need to patiently guard against enemies' tricks and use "Guard" bubble when appropriate to get "Nice!", and hope for gold glim to appear.
- When gold glim appears, run over it with Swaine to enable his miracle move Light Fingers. This is a non-damaging shot that steals foe's rarest item; and in this case you'll steal Scroll of Truth by targeting golden Honky-Tonker.
- Said enemy also comes equipped with Love-Struck trick, which can confuse party members and/or familiars. Therefore I recommend that you equip all members with Medals of Impunity, and/or use familiars that are immune to confusion (like Thumble-Lemur) or can equip Medal-type accessories (like Mandragorer).
- You can also apply above tips to other items, like for example stealing Kaleidostone from golden Bedraggle in the Glittering Grotto.

And that's about it for my small tutorial.
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Eh, I mucked up on length by accidentally leaving a clip near the end. Have to replae the link in a few minutes.
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Well I'll be damned... with this trick I was able to get everything I needed. Thx a lot TC.

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From: PHATJER | #006
Well I'll be damned... with this trick I was able to get everything I needed. Thx a lot TC.

This topic definitely needs to be stickied.

Lol, he posted it less than ten minutes ago.
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HeechuI posted...
From: PHATJER | #006
Well I'll be damned... with this trick I was able to get everything I needed. Thx a lot TC.

This topic definitely needs to be stickied.

Lol, he posted it less than ten minutes ago.

Well to tell you the truth, I already knew about it. Just wanted to say that i works. Though I didn't use any medals or items. But Swaine's miracle move is the sure way to go; drop rates are awful.
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