How-To-Tutorial:Steal rarest items with 100% chance / Scroll of Truth, etc.

Posted: 6/28/2013 10:05:43 PM
Good grief. I've been using Oliver's weakest wand/Pulse/All-Out-Defense method. I started off in Glittering Grotto fighting Gold Bedraggles (which spawn waaay more often than Gold Honky Tonkers) to get Kaleidostones and, in about an hours time, I only got 1 gold glim to drop. I got the rest of the K'stones I needed w Mugshot.

I've been running around the dark cave in Tombstone Trail for the better part of 2 hours and I've fought 3 Gold Honky Tonkers. No Scrolls of Truth for me. Will continue and hopefully having better luck with spawning and stealing

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