Is there a specific order to do the 3...*spoilers*

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Hmmm...I'm level 41. And the other stars disappeared from my map. I guess it's too late for me to switch stones?

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xdividebyzerox posted...
GameGuy777 posted...
Since people are saying Yule was the hardest, what level were you when you did it?

I was Level 48, but I've seen people do it at a lower level.

Damn. I made it to post game at level 48. I knew I was under-trained, I kept barely scraping by in the boss fights.
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I was around level 40 as well. I know I wasn't anywhere near 50, because I beat a certain very important boss later at 51-52.
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40 is the suggested level for Yule, which I was at the time. (I didn't farm Toko's because I hate being overleveled.)

Yule is the hardest one, but they're all relatively easy.