any 'older' gamers playing this?

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3 years ago#31
link-rocks posted...
It seems that only younger people find this game "kiddish." kind of ironic huh?

That's always the case. It's because kids feel like they have to *prove* their maturity, so things that appear "kiddie" -- Ni No Kuni, lots of Nintendo games, etc -- are a threat to them being taken seriously. But people who are *actually* adult are secure enough to enjoy them.

Who's going to tell someone who pays bills, has a significant other, served in the military, can drink and vote and rent cars, maybe supports kids of his own, that he's "immature" for enjoying Ni No Kuni or Pokemon? It's ridiculous.

Every time I hear someone complain about "baby games," or "[Insert game or game company here] is for kids," I can only think of my four-year-old nephew demanding his mother let him do something because he's "a big boy now."
3 years ago#32
I'm 39, and I bought it, but I'm trying to finish Tales of Graces f right now, so it will be a while before I get to it.
3 years ago#33
42 here :)
3 years ago#34
Well... I'm 33... thanks for considering me "old". :D
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3 years ago#35
27 here. 33 hours in and loving it. Nice to have a game I can play while my 1 year old is up and around. He loves it.
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3 years ago#36
I think it's a refreshing change of pace from the usual jrpg fare, at least so far.

It also helps that me and my fiance are big Studio Ghibli fans, and we enjoy picking out little references to some of the films (did anyone see that Porco Grosso-lol-entry in the Compendium).

Plus an amazing score by Joe Hisaishi, another Ghibli favorite, and that sealed the deal for us.

I find the story it tells whimsical, not childish. Charming characterizations, lots of towns and dungeons to explore, a huge open world to roam in-all of these factors, to me, come together to form one of the best jrpg's to be released on the PS3.

And one of the best jrpg's of this generation.
3 years ago#37
"22" ....i would love to know how someone knows the avg age of this board... lol

39 and just started it!
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3 years ago#38
Quite possible older audiences buy this type of games since it was what we grew up with back in the 90s and early 2000s on PS1/PS2 generation of consoles (at least what I grew up with). Seems to me like the past few years there's a shortage of good JRPGs coming out on consoles and most younger people prefer to play something else.
3 years ago#39
I'm 17 which is a pretty mature age for a teenager and i like it. I like the game and if their's anything I could change, it would probably be the MC's age. I just hate being a little kid, but I don't mind it after playing for so long now.

Since I'm in High school I should be the one most worried about what people think of me playing this game, but I learned a way to get through that ever since middle school... DON'T GIVE A CRAP. My friends made fun of me for getting this game at first too, but I don't complain since all they play is whatever the crowd is playing. Not to mention that all they talk about is COD.

So once again I don't care.
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3 years ago#40
I'm over 30.
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