Other JRPGs for PS3 (recommendations plz)

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I mentioned it in another thread here, but if you like this, take a look at Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny as well. It doesn't get much attention or love, and is a Wii port, but really is a fun, charming, and addictive game. Some similar elements to Ni No Kuni-- monster taming/collecting and using them to fight, crafting system, lots of questing for NPC, and similar feel with the graphics, very colorful.

It is a pretty easy game (especially if you grind and exploit the crafting system) and very lighthearted, combat pretty fast-paced (more typical ARPG there). You can also have a family and expand and customize your home a bit. The farming is much more simplified than in other Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, but I didn't think it was really a bad thing because there was so much else to do. Just made it feel more like an RPG than a farming sim.
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On that point there is currently a huge sale on of a lot of the older Final Fantasy games on the PSN right now. I grabbed 5-9 for 20 the day after getting Ni No Kuni.

Are they seriously playable? I'm not the hugest stickler for graphics, but a lot of games from the last gen just don't cut it, especially controls wise... I tried playing Resident Evil 4 HD (I played it back in the day on PS2) and I couldn't get over how horrible the controls were, they hadn't invented the whole right-stick steer/left-stick move idea yet.

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