Ni No Kuni top seller in UK.

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Snadados posted...
Last week's leader, Ni no Kuni, dropped to sixth following a 63 percent dip in sales.

It's still in the top 10 tho. And considering most people who wanted the game have already played it, that's pretty good.
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Maurith posted...
Ha, it's in huge demand on this little island. Some shops that didn't stock it were getting confused with all the enquiries. Sold out in a lot of places, because they didn't expect so much interest I guess. Had to order mine from Amazon, but even they were waiting to receive new stock.

Exactly it's becoming fairly difficult to get hold of already. I think this game will have a second wind as well in a few months when I new print run goes on and the people that weren't sure will buy.

Good news that this game is doing well.
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