Is there something wrong with my Wayward Son?

#1PeachSodaPosted 2/6/2013 2:39:47 AM
Hahaha, ignoring the topic title...

In all seriousness, my familiar Wayward Sun (and all the forms before it) sometimes doesn't attack when I select attack. The attack button has been processed (seen by the little timer) but the familiar just stands there.

This doesn't always happen, but every once in awhile it won't complete the command after it's been issued.
So, I was like "Hi!" and he was like "Duuuude!"" and I was like, "EEEK!" so I ran away.
#2HodouPosted 2/6/2013 2:45:26 AM
They have a really low attack speed, IIRC. And really low attack. And defense. And accuracy.

It really doesn't help that they can't use any weapons to speak of. As much as I love the design, they're sadly just not very good. I wanted to use one too but I had to give up on it...