noticed that in most JRPGs and curious

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Yu narukami form persona 4 is ligthing
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From: jimmer2005 | #049
Yuri from tales of vesperia had wind attacks
disgaea 1-4 main people has dark stats

Yuri gets a few wind-based artes, but I wouldn't really associate him with any element.
He's very, very strongly associated with wolves, but not so much an element.

If Laharl had any element at all, I'd probably lean more towards fire. He's lolmeteor elemental.
Adell is obviously fire elemental. No question.
Mao would be closest to dark I guess, but it's not that strong a link.
Valvatorez is definitely dark elemental. It tends to go hand in hand with the whole vampire thing.
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Yuri in Shadow heart covenant is neutral typed and take the element of the demon he changes into... or maybe he was dark, can't remember haven't played in a while. Second char is fire tough, dont remember anyone having light. Of course this game has one of the most disfonctional group I've seen.
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Yuri from Shadow Hearts was Dark too
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Most Protagonists would probably be classified under Nonelemental/Physical instead of Light/Fire I think.

In any case

Fire = Red = Leader
Light = Holy = God

2 very important concepts.
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Spiroth_Kweehh posted...
I still can't associate people who started after 1997 as "old" RPG gamers lol.
I guess it's been 16 years now.....

I'm old. ;(

Well, honestly, some of us were young back then. That being said, I have played many old school RPGs (the hours spent on Dragon Quest 3 for GBA were many and fun as well as the original Dragon Quest Monsters.
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crimson-falcon posted...
never saw any Dark , Lightning , Water or Ice heroes

You've never played Persona 4? >_>
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Kalas from Btan Kaitos is Wind Elemental.
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WiiFan77 posted...
crimson-falcon posted...
never saw any Dark , Lightning , Water or Ice heroes

You've never played Persona 4? >_>

to be honest i didnt like persona at all

with my respect to the fans
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I like how the title is most JRPGs (which is true) but everyone pulls out the exceptions like that is going to change anything.
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