noticed that in most JRPGs and curious

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Well in <insert obscure jrpg here> the hero was <insert contradictory element here>.
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Chrono from Chrono Trigger is of lightning element.

yes you are right he got lightning lol how i forgot him

You conveniently forgot because pushing your regional mentality was more important. I swear the regionally challenged are as easy to read as the left and right wing wackjobs in politics.
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I dunno if it counts as an obscure RPG, but in Atelier Iris, your starting elemental is Wind.
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never saw any Dark , Lightning , Water or Ice heroes

You've never played Persona 4? >_>

The MC's initial persona is elec, but the character himself? He can equip any other personas.
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In Suikoden usually Heroes are associated to Water elements and one of them to a dark rune (rune of punishment, it hurts you when you use it).
Main character of Persona 4 (Yu Narukami) has a Persona with lightning affinity: Izanagi.
Also, main character Serph of Digital Devil Saga has ice affinity, pretty uncommon.

It's true in a lot of games they use holy or fire elements. In there is good vs evil, be sure that you'll obtain holy powers to defeat the villains.
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*Looks at his original copies of Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior for NES*

Yeah, I've been playing these things a long time.
Hell, I remember playing RPG's before the consoles became a common thing. lol
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Are people confused on what JRPG's are? Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games are not JRPG's.. RPG and JRPG are different genres.

Wow just pulled that out of your anus did you? Please list in great length the basis for your completely wrong statement. Final Fantasy is the poster child for JRPGs.

Your post is laughable.
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SupahJem posted...
Are people confused on what JRPG's are? Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games are not JRPG's.. RPG and JRPG are different genres.

Of course they are, Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't JRPG means Japanese Role Playing Game? That's what they are, since they were made in japan, Even Dark Souls is a JRPG, with a WRPG look, but it still a JRPG.
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Shadow Hearts has darkness for Yuri.

Really, there are just too many counterexamples. Are we done here?
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Just out of curiosity why do so many people act like elitist jerks?

I've been playing RPGs in general since 1980. However I don't look down on anyone who started in the 90's or hell even who started in the 00's

I know people who got into gaming in like 2002 and then spent great amounts of money and time playing old RPGs and JRPGs. I consider them hardcore J/RPG gamers.

It doesn't matter when you started or what your first JRPG was folks. It matters more on how many have you played and are you mature enough to realize that for the most part the SNES era was the pinnacle of great JRPGs.

My first Console JRPG was Secret of mana. However if I meet someone who started with Skies of Arcadia or Tales of Symphonia I don't Lord over them as if I am somehow better then they are.

I guess I'm just trying to say that if you brag about how your more old school then someone else, your kind of a D-bag.

What's sad is that it's not a JRPG thing or even a Video Game thing. I see A$$hats do this on Music forums as well. They cry about teens today wearing Bauhaus or Joy Division T-shirts as if only old farts who liked those bands way back when have a right to be fans.

It just makes me sick how stupid people are.