Just got the dragon - which familiars should i pick up??

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Pirwzwhomper posted...
Get the ones that follow a theme you like, not just the statistically best. The game becomes a boring numbers game when you go for min-maxing, and you can beat the game on normal without trying to seek out uber familiars. At least wait until you finish the story first.

That's what I've been doing. I want to use Puss in Boats. The familiar has really grown on me, but I've heard people claim he's no good, or not worth using.

I'm enjoying using the familiar, though. His stats aren't terrible on Oliver, so I can't complain. Overall I'm picking familiars I like the look of, and enjoying the game my way. Admittedly, I'll pick up some of the "best" familiars, like Dino, but I'm happy with Puss in Boats and Bone Baron. Who doesn't seem to be so bad? He just takes forever to actually reach his potential?
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I liked to use one species per genus

Instead of Dino I used Naja, because it ends up better at the end and is cooler looking pretty much

Main for Swaine was bone baron and clank (monolith is not needed, and levels too slowly to be useful as a magic damager), beasts are pretty meh, but i grabbed a elephant

Grimray + wildwood (yeah, generic) + random plant for est
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