Just 16 more familiars... stupid RNG

#1AceviperPosted 2/9/2013 4:41:49 PM(edited)
I have been trying to catch this one familiar with a 10+% chance to tame

I am at 120 kills so far and nothing



esther's miracle move should have been a 100% tame instead of the worthless crap she has now.
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#2MyzticRedPandaPosted 2/9/2013 4:50:34 PM
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#3Aceviper(Topic Creator)Posted 2/9/2013 4:52:48 PM
MyzticRedPanda posted...

took me around 40 kills to get one of those...

30% tame with the merit award and it refused to give it to me.

I seem to have an easier time taming things with low percentages than high
If gameshark wasn't invented... games wont be as popular anymore
#4ikkuhn87Posted 2/9/2013 4:57:21 PM
that means i was very lucky, i got it in 8 times :s
#5archizzyPosted 2/9/2013 5:10:10 PM(edited)
I don't believe the merit award is a flat 20% boost is it? I haven't had an issue with taming but I don't think it raises the stats THAT much but I could be wrong.

*edit* Nevermind, you understand it correctly. I read you talking about the napcap at 30% and confusing it with your earlier 10% comment. I didn't realize napcap 1st tier had a capture rate of 25% without the merit award. So yeah add another 5%.

I never really looked that close at the %'s. I thought the easier ones were all around 10%. I didn't realize they went as high as 25%.
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#6xcsx89Posted 2/9/2013 5:01:33 PM
Your capture rate is 3% flat. With the merit reward thats only a 20% boost at the rate of 3%, so your new total is 3.6%
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#7AlltraPosted 2/9/2013 5:07:15 PM(edited)
The Merit Award should have added 20% to the Capture Rate, so that a 3% rate became a 23% rate.

I definitely second the idea of Esther's Miracle Move being a 100% tame though.
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