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User Info: Orson1984

4 years ago#1
Is there some where i can buy or make more of these???

Or are the only ones in game from chests?
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User Info: Karsticles

4 years ago#2
You can get them through drops/stealing.
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User Info: Chaos_915

4 years ago#3
Most gems can also be stolen from/dropped by certain enemies. They can't ever be bought or made though.

Here's a list of gems that can be stolen/dropped:

Fling Flame - Impaler (steal)
Firewall - Turban Myth (steal), Spithooligan (drop)
Spire of Fire - Wayward Sun (steal)
Heat Ray - Scruffian (steal)

Water Bomb - Tadolescent (steal)
Bubble Bath - Sweatpea Sprite (steal)
Snowball - Ice Maiden (steal)
Snowblower - Turban Legend (steal), Tokotocold (drop

Thunderspark - Beachhead (steal)
Thunderstorm - Clinketyclank LX (steal), Deecee (drop)
Whirligig - Thunderbyrde (steal)
Whirly Whirlies - Hierophant (steal)

Healing Tear - Sea Naiad (steal), Lotus Bubbud(drop)
Healing Rain - Auroralynx (steal),Tropical Bubbud (drop)
Purifying Pulse - Seed Sprite (steal)
Light Relief - Hymnpaler (steal)

Darkness Beckons - Eggyptian (steal)
Dark Cloud - Ghost Whiperer (steal), Whackrabbot (drop)
Drowsy Drops - Grumpeafowl (steal)
Leech - Neolith (steal)

Roly-Poly - Snaptrap (steal)
Pebble Pelt - Mite (steal)
Earsplitter - Full Boar (steal), Demoliceros (drop)
Poison Pinch - Soldier Bumbler (steal)

Blunt - Big Bopper/Slamander (steal)
Slow Poke - Springray (steal)
Soulshield - Tropical Bubbud (steal)
Hocus Focus - Firefry (steal, missable)
Rise and Rise - Lesser Spotted Naiad (steal)
Tricksy Nixy - Webmaster (steal)

User Info: Orson1984

4 years ago#4
thank you
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