Few questions about combat and the map

#1MyDogSkipPosted 2/16/2013 3:55:12 PM
1. How do you switch targets after you've already selected one? I mean, if you started attacking someone and then changed your mind, how do you switch to a different target (after cancelling, the first enemy is still selected automatically). I think I've done it before, but the only way I know how to now is to recall the familiar and send it back out.

2. Why does Puss in Boats switch targets automatically? I'll be attacking one enemy and mid attack he'll just switch to someone else; it's really annoying.

3. Is there any way to know where all the hidden forests are other than just running around randomly to find them and remembering where they were?

4. Is there any way to know what all the various islands and stuff are, without having to be on them (and see their name on the map then) or just reading it in the Wizard's companion and remembering it.

I like moving around on the World Map, but I don't like the scarcity of information on the actual map screen.
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#2matodaPosted 2/16/2013 4:12:52 PM
1/ R1

2/ no idea. never had that problem

3/ not that this one knows of

4/ not that this one knows of

. . . yeah not a great deal of help, we apologise.

for a game that holds your hand through most things, actual information [on map and quests] is a little scarce XD
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#3SriVastraPosted 2/16/2013 4:19:58 PM
1: R1 (just like the last guy said)

2: Probably because your current target was put to sleep or confused. The game automatically has you stop hitting them so you don't accidentally "cure" them. Kind of annoying, really.

3: When you unlock a region's map page in the book, zoom in a bit and you'll see a little red tree icon wherever there is a hidden forest area. (be aware that the one north of Al Mamoon is inaccessible until post-game.)

4: No. The only way to see the name of any island is to land on it and check the map.
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Thanks for the help, guys!
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