Continual freezing after cutscene transition during White Witch fight.

#1Pun1shm1ntPosted 2/16/2013 8:04:15 PM
Well, I have put 65 hours into Ni No Kuni at this point and the game began to freeze after the Vileheart fight. It only freezes after a cutscene transitions into a new one. Here are some details:

- I DO NOT have a hacked PS3. It is the original backwards compatible 60GB and I have never had freezing issues with another game prior to this.

- I have the Wizard's Edition of the game. I have no idea if there are any differences between the software on this one and the stand alone version.

- The freezing began after the original Vileheart fight and it seems to happen with every other cutscene. I have noticed that if save right before a boss fight when my system is totally cool to the touch it tends to let me progress, but if I have been playing more than 15 minutes prior it will almost always freeze during a cutscene transition.

Is there anyone out there who could provide me some troubleshooting advice so I can beat the flipping White Witch and see the end of this game? I am unbelievably frustrated right now because I'm on the flippin' cusp of finishing this thing and I am apparently not going to be able to because of the freezing issues. if my characters and familiars weren't stupidly overpowered at this point and it was a challenge to beat the Witch I might have thrown my PS3 through a window.

Apparently I am not the only person who has encountered these freezing issues and the Namco/Bandai forums are absolutely no help. The moderators/admins refuse to respond to anyone else who brings up this concern and other users brush it off saying that you must not be using a valid version.

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.
#2PFireflyPosted 2/16/2013 8:18:33 PM
Original 60 gig...

The fact that you can generally continue playing if your system is cool should have been your first indicator that your system is old. The reason you've been brushed off on other forums is the same reason you'll be brushed off here: cfw and/or ps3 in need of maintainence is the only cause for freezing in nnk.
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#3AceviperPosted 2/16/2013 8:29:36 PM
I have noticed that if save right before a boss fight when my system is totally cool to the touch it tends to let me progress,

its your ps3

not much people can do to help you
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#4Pun1shm1nt(Topic Creator)Posted 2/16/2013 8:33:05 PM
Thanks for the response, but I must post a rebuttal with more details. I can play for hours on end, hot PS3 or not, and will not encounter a freeze as long as I don't trigger a cutscene. As an example, I can farm Tokos outside of Perdida for 5 hours, perform 25 errands and kill some bounties and the game will not freeze. However, the second I trigger a cutscene it will freeze and I need to flip the switch. Also note that it doesn't always happen even after a long play sesh. I have just noticed that I tend to have better luck if the PS3 has just been turned on.

Custom firmware can be ruled out immediately because I don't have it and never will. Yes, my PS3 is old, I get that. What I don't get is the fact I can play any other game I own without issue, but Ni No Kuni fails to function properly.

Now with that being explained, if we're still convinced it's because my system is old could someone offer up a tip or two so I can at least finish this last boss fight and lay the game and this ordeal to rest.
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Perhaps there could be dust in the PS3? Reminds of the probelm that happened to a lot of Ps2's back then so that could be it
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Cutscene transition suggests it is reading off the disc. This game is huge [in terms of filesize] and optical media always have had some lag when reading huge discs which gets exacerbated [always love to use this word, fried gold] as some dust seeps into disc reader. Such issues may not be noticeable enough on games with smaller sizes. I believe you'd run into these issues when playing God of War Saga too.


a. Just when you're about to kill her, pause the game and let PS3 sit for a while, it should cool it down enough for you to make it through cutscene.

b. Press START like crazy and skip the cutscene. You can watch it later if you want, so no harm done.
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