This game is a lot like Dragon Quest.

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In fact, in my opinion it has so many striking similarities to DQ it could almost be the next big game. It has an alchemy pot, tons of puns and various silliness, a big world map, cartoonish visuals, epic story, monsters to recruit and an arena to fight in, a casino, etc. Even the title exudes a DQ feel, with alliteration.

Not to mention this is no coincidence, as Level 5 helped with both DQ 8 and 9. Was all this intentional or simply unconscious inspiration? I think they should help make DQ XI on either 3DS, Wii U, or PS3/PS4.
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The game steals elements of every successful RPG. It's like a big melting pot of success. The dragon even spins the same way the bird used to when you hit the boost. The only thing I find truly creative and new about this game is its story, which is superb in my opinion.
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True, I got a DQ VIII vibe while playing this. Good games, both this and DQ VIII.
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Reminds me of Tetris.
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First turn based RPG I know that have monster collection thing is Dragon Quest V ( Not Pokemon as most people think ), but donīt remember if the SNES version have a casino like PS2/DS games. I mention Dragon Quest V since in the begining the MC is a child, but the two worlds thing have more in common with Dragon Quest VI. TC must played only DQVIII, but that game is weak compared to V and VII.
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Dfx posted...

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I agree. It's very obvious. The references and borrowed jokes are everywhere. It definitely has the same kind of humor but adds a little heartwarming story.
The curry guy looks like he actually belongs to DQVIII.

Did you notice the music in the casino is the same? Or am I mistaking?
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It's almost like the same studio worked on DQ8 and this!!!
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liltagg posted...
It's almost like the same studio worked on DQ8 and this!!!

Yeah dude that's what I said. Omg no wai.
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