Does this game make anyone else feel really... Happy?

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imsalingaway posted...
I think, despite the fact that there was some flaws with the game, it's obvious that there was at least some passion behind the project. I hate when I play a game and you can feel that the production team is just fulfilling a list of requirements so they can add a big budget game to their resume. This felt like a game someone wanted to make.

I think that is a huge part of what makes this game really shine to me. So many games I've played recently just feel exactly how you described it, as filling a list of requirements. This game feels like a team of people wanted to tell a great story and make it as fun as possible to get that story told.

What a gem, really. I just made my way to al mamoon or whatever it's called after beating the golden glade boss, which was refreshingly challenging. Looking forward to what Oliver gets up to next!
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No, you're not. If I had to use one word to describe this game it would be "enchanting". It definitely looks to be my game of the year, which is surprising for a cynical old fool like myself.
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