I don't get why there is so much Mongolian culture referenced in the game

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The other city names were not all original. You just don't get the references.

They're references, not direct copies of the name.

Some were more direct than others. Hamelin and Ding Dong Dell were about has obvious as all that Khan stuff was.

Also, references can be direct copies of names along with pictures, quotes, sounds, etc. Having something directly related to something else is what makes it a reference in the first place.
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e.g. Kublai Khan. That's not a reference, it's just a nametag which doesn't make sense in the context.

Well there is a direct link between Kublai Khan and Xanadu. There is essentially no trace of the city besides writings by Marco Polo and one of the main myths he writes about is Khan's relationship to dragons. He writes about how Khan's chariots are pulled by dragons.

Khan in the game has dragons. Maybe it's not as great as changing the name a little bit, sure maybe I'll give you that, but it's not completely without reference. Keep in mind as well, the events that take place in Ding Dong Dell are almost verbatim what happens in the nursery rhyme. This whole game is footnoted.

I didn't have much of a childhood. What nursery rhyme is Ding Dong Dell referencing?
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I didn't have much of a childhood. What nursery rhyme is Ding Dong Dell referencing?

Apparently you don't have much experience with search engines either. Google says there's a nursery rhyme called "Ding Dong Bell" that is also known as "Ding Dong Dell".
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Nursery Rhyme?

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I agree with people saying it's all over the place (also look at all the Arabic names surrounding Al Mamoon). What's interesting is NONE of that is there in Japanese. Japanese hardly make any blatant cultural references other than to self-contained themes. Al Mamoon is called Babanacia (referencing to babanas of course). Hamelin is called Borg (referring to their robotics). Kublai is called Heburuchi which is no Mongol reference.