What's this game about?

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3 years ago#1
I've been hearing alot about how it's so great over at the wii u forums& since I just traded an Xbox for a ps3 (yesterday to be more exact) I was thinking of picking this up. I'd usually look a video up but I'm at work and don't get much signal here.

is it a third person game? First person? free roam or linear? Any local coop? Online multiplayer?

Thanks in advance.
3 years ago#2
3rd person I guess, semi open world, jrpg. You're a 12 year old boy on a quest to save your mother by defeating evil things in a parallel world. There is questing, dungeon crawling, combat, etc. the combat is semi real time too.

All in all fantastic game and I would recommend it to anyone
26mg and declining keep it up man you can do this you want this
3 years ago#3
That's a pretty cogent description, but check it out for yourself. There is a demo available on the PSN store.

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