Cheapest place to buy in Australia?

#1Vanilla_Face07Posted 2/24/2013 6:55:43 PM
Anyone have any idea? Retail is $89.95 at EB
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#2zyrax2301Posted 2/24/2013 6:57:11 PM
Technically not in Australia, but this site gives really good prices (way better than what you'll find in retail).

Delivery times are a bit high, if you can deal with that. And it seems that this game is currently out of stock sooo...just keep this in mind for the future.
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#3TechaNinjaPosted 2/25/2013 12:17:44 AM
I had bought mine a week before aus release at shin tokyo for 63 .
That is in adelaide btw
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#4AwetclamPosted 2/25/2013 12:58:02 AM
I hate these topics, answer is anywhere online, like the other guy I payed like 64 bucks delivered weeks ago