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3 years ago#1
can someone please tell me what affinity means? also how do you know what type your familiar is in this game? when I look at the familiars I already have, some have checks or x's after the storm, physical, fire etc signs. Can someone tell me why? I have read everything I can in the game but am still confused.
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3 years ago#2
Affinity is basically their elemental weaknesses and resistances.

If you look in the "Friends and Familiars" tab in the menu, you can select your characters or Familiars to see their parameters along the right side. A Check Mark means they are resistant to that element. An X means they are weak to it.

To tell what type of Familiar you have, look up at the top right, where it's name is displayed. Each Familiar has a little symbol just below it's name that corresponds with the type of Familar it is. Then, you can match up the symbol. Select the Telling Stone in the menu, select Creature Compendium, and select Genus. That menu shows all the different types of familiars, and you just have to match the symbols.
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3 years ago#3
Thanks for the explanation.
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