familiars and where i should (minor spoliers)

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3 years ago#1
Right now in the game progress i have evolution ed my main sword guy mighty and the girls main use of the familiar im trying to see do i need to collect many different ones in order to have a smooth run in the first try of the game. I just dont want have gotten really deep into the game before traveling the sea that i have to backtrack which is quite hard as saves isnt generally in my favor. this is the first try ive played an jrpg in a while. thanks! im lvl 20 on ollie-boy atm heading back to malmoon the girls hometown after lava boss!
3 years ago#2
Believe it or not, I actually find the portion of the game immediately after you get the Sailing Ship, and before you proceed to the next story event, to be one of the best times during the game to catch and experiment with various Familiars, and acquire good gear and items.

The reason I feel that way, is because by that point you'll have access to the majority of the Tier 1 Familiar Forms, and by extension, the majority of the game's Familiars in general. In addition, you will also have access to most of the World Map at that point as well.

It would seem obvious to me, that you'd want to catch and experiement with as many different Familiars as you can find in order to see what they offer, and what works best for you. As an inexperienced player, that would be what I would do. I would collect and experiment with as many different Familiars as I could get my hands on.

If you were a more experienced player, or were using a guide and already knew ahead of time what to expect, you could easily get by with a more directed approach, only targeting what you know works well and not wasting your time on other stuff that would only slow you down.

You shouldn't be afraid to backtrack either. In fact, I actively encourage it, because there are useful items and Familiars all over the world, and you will very often find yourself needing to, or wishing to, revisit those locations to pick up more of those items or Familiars. Not to mention that the game may require it at various points if you wish to complete mandatory and optional tasks. That, and you may find yourself able to access new areas that were previously unaccessible when you first visited.
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3 years ago#3
i usually go back track if is not that, im not trying to unlocking 130 hours of play until after ive finished the game the first time go! im just a regular RPG player more into the square and level 5 games. Dragon quest 8 was my last one! so im wondering, with the set + the gold hurley and main one as long as i evolved them and keep them equip or what not im certeain not to over level during the middle of the game.
3 years ago#4
Now would be the best time to grab the following in this particular order and as soon as possible: Bubbud, Danglerfish, Turbandit, Purrloiner and Monolith. Drop Hurly, keep Sid, Mitey, Drongo and the monkey.
You are kinda too high at 20, should be only around 14-16, but that's ok for your first play through. Good luck!
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3 years ago#5
i was going to go all offense im an trypical square enix gamer thats why im higher level than usual i should go find those chracters in the dessert? i was thinking just using mighty all the way! i want to use the lease amount of time to wrap it up! not trying to rush!, the higher the better! im around 18! not 20 actually but i will be trying to hunt for those familiars so i google those to find the exact images?
3 years ago#6
It's better to use more than one familiar throughout the game for each character. At the very least, I'd suggest having an Offensive and Defensive Familiar on Swaine and Esther.

As was suggested above, Monolith is a good choice for Swaine Defensively. Offensively, I'd give him Lemahl, he works really well for Swaine.

For Esther, you can keep Drongo, as it serves double duty as a healer and attacker. For a defensive Familiar, and considering you want to be as offensive as possible, I'd suggest Green Buncher. It has high defense and attack power, and works great for Esther as both a tank and attacker.

Green Buncher is out in the Desert, it looks like a bunch of bananas.

Monolith is around Castaway Cove, the lush area south of the Desert. It looks like a Tombstone with legs.

Oliver will be fine with Sid (Seed Sprite) and Mitey throughout the game. If you wanted to get him a defensive Familiar, you could consider Little Big Horn, it can attack and be defensive, but that's your call. You can find them around the Volcano.
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3 years ago#7
so i should back track and collect the others!! i know i had go to desert and roam back to get the first two i guess i'll have those as back! up! i'll keep the oringals and get the +2 i suppose! so which ones the one u suggested? that are near by?
3 years ago#8
Well, you should already have all of them other than Green Buncher, Monolith, and Little Bighorn that I suggested, and if you're just now returning to Al Mamoon after the Volcano they're all right in that area.

Little Bighorn you can find outside the Volcano.

Green Buncher is in the Desert right outside Al Mamoon.

Monolith is south of Al Mamoon and the Desert, in the area outside of the next city, Castaway Cove.

As for the other ones that Turban suggested:

Bubbud and Danglerfish are located back in Ding Dong Well, back in the area before the boss, and are a Flower and a Fish respectively.

Turbandit is in the Desert along with Green Buncher. It's a small guy with a purplish turban on his head.

Purloiner is in the same area as Monolith, it's a little black cat monster.
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Online is the worst thing to happen to gaming.
3 years ago#9
alltra i think im going to keep bannna milky and no clue
for the girl the peguin turbandit bighorn
that a good line up?
3 years ago#10
You'd be better off giving Green Buncher to Esther, because of the Favorite Genus Bonus she gets with Flora Type Familiars like Green Buncher. In the same token, you'd be better off giving Oliver Little Bighorn, because he gets a Favorite Genus Bonus with Millites like Mite and Little Bighorn.

Favorite Genus Bonuses increases a Familiars Stats by 10% when that character uses them.

You could give Turbandit to Swaine though, if you wanted to use it. Esther really doesn't need another Caster if she's using Drongo. You could use him now until you get Swaine though, that would work out pretty good.
"Cute" in an RPG is a kiddy euphemism for "Sexy".
Online is the worst thing to happen to gaming.
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