familiars and where i should (minor spoliers)

#11KentoMaiku(Topic Creator)Posted 8/20/2013 10:11:17 PM
alrighty swaine is the guy i get next i suppose, or is that the tombstone! alright i'll just quick swap im really high level trying to catch the tiny guy! lvl 22 already! heh! whats ur next rpg for me is def Lightning returns! and hopefully FFXV 2014!
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for swaine party i got the rocoko the weird tomb thing adn the budd the flower
for Oliver mighty and crab + bendit
for esther i got default bannana and kat
are these the better line ups and do i evolve them at the island, both of the older party members died while i was battling im level 24 with oliver and 23 with ester
i dont really plan to do sidequest! let me know thanks for the first run!
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hey alltra are you around! ive around lvl 27!! thanks!!