Need a bit help at the beginning of the game

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superl0l posted...
And about my strategy, i don't really have one.. I just use my strongest familiar which is my mitei ..
So thats why i wanted a few tips about how to play this game right :o

I suppose that in of itself is a strategy. It might be better in your case to just use Oliver instead of a Familiar. Unless I'm mistaken, at that point in the story you should have access to the Pulse Spell, which is very handy for a kiting strategy against Al-Khemi.

Al-Khemi really isn't a hard boss to defeat either. His attacks are slow, and his super moves are very telegraphed, you can see them coming from a mile away. My suggestion for a good strategy is fairly simple:

Set Esther's AI to "Do Nothing". There's no reason to even bother having her take actions, she's pretty much dead weight at that point in the game. If you do need her to execute a healing spell or item or something take manual control, otherwise ignore she's even there because if you do this right you won't even need her.

Start of the fight, lead off with Oliver. Al-Khemi will start launching Physical Attacks. Avoid them, and cast Pulse every so often to keep his attention on Oliver. This is your basic strategy for the entire fight. You run around, keeping out of range of his Physical Attacks, and attacking with Pulse. Make sure you attempt to pick up any Glims he drops. This is called kiting.

Eventually he'll use "", when he does he'll either pull out a Flaming Sword or a Parasol. If he pulls out the Flaming Sword, get ready. Continue kiting him, and watch for him to use "Al Khombo". When he does, execute the Defend Command, and then pick up the glims he drops when you get a chance to do so without taking hits.

After he uses Al-Khombo, he'll go back to using Physical Attacks again. He'll then attempt to use "" again, in which case he'll either pull out the Flaming Sword or the Parasol.

If he pulls out the Parasol, he'll be exposed and you'll get a "Chance" icon. This is when you attempt to execute as many powerful attacks as you can in the time he's stunned. Hopefully you'll end up with a Golden Glim. If he drops one have Oliver pick it up, then use Burning Heart on him. If he doesn't, when he recovers continue to kite him. He'll attempt to use "Al Khombo" again, when he does Defend against it, although with the Parasol out it'll do very little damage. You can still Defend and get Glims though, so it's worth it. Afterwards, he'll continue doing Physical Attacks and then attempt to use "" again.

He'll repeat this process until he gets low on health. At around the 1/3 health mark he'll start using Al Khombo without using "" first, so pay attention.

Right around the 1/4 health mark he'll start attempting to use Hubble Bubble. When he does, he retreats into the Cauldron and a timer starts. He's exposed while he's inside, but will explode for massive damage when the timer hits 0. The most conservative thing to do is hold back, put the cursor on Defend, and the moment you see Hubble Bubble pop up again around the 2 second mark use it. He'll then go on the offensive again. If you're too close he'll attack right away with Al Khombo, which Defend may or may not block depending on it's timing. If you're further back, he may just attempt Physical Attacks instead.

Just keep kiting him and playing defensively, and you'll finish him off.

Keep an eye out for Golden Glims when you Defend against Al Khombo and Hubble Bubble.

If at any time you run out of MP, run around staying out of attack range and guard against Al Khombo and Hubble Bubble for Glims. Drippy will also throw out Glims every so often as well that you can pick up.
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I think Alltra answered your question quite well. And you're right about not reading guides, they always spoil the story somehow, no matter the writer's best intention not to. Just play it by ear on your first play through.
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Thank you so much, i managed to beat him now (:
Btw, i don't know if i want the Platinum trophy yet. Only a few games that i really like i try to obtain them. So far i enjoy the game very much and i did every erand and bounty that i had just for the exploration and training. I would like to know how to make my characters better with the correct builds and synchs, so i just try to give each team mate his favorite familiar types