Disappointing (Post Game Spoilers)

#1GregiorpPosted 12/19/2013 9:15:12 AM
After completing the Conductors errands I defeat the World Guardian and am transported to an alternate Motorville. So it turns out the rabbit from Silent Hill 3 is me...okay? Then it replays the start Oliver with the groceries and Phil calling out to him. I was guessing Oliver would get to see an alternate version of his mother and her being happy or something.

Then I get transported back to the fantasy world with Phil's stupid car. WTF. The rabbit even says "she should be ready" making seem more likely that Alica is there. So alternate version creepy Oliver is a dick.
#2AlltraPosted 12/19/2013 9:45:46 AM(edited)
Alternate Reality Bunny Oliver is a jerk like that.

By the way, when he says "She's almost ready", he's referring to the Philmobile.
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#3asdfen09Posted 12/21/2013 5:48:00 AM
imo the whole story is gibberish so the post game ending fits right in.
#4Number090684Posted 12/29/2013 2:49:32 AM
I was expecting for Oliver to somehow relive that fateful day and instead of sneaking out and going to test drive with Phil, he'd opt to choose to stay home instead, thus preventing Allie's / Alicia's death, but then all of that crazy stuff happens....

BUT, given what The Conductor tells you in the events leading up to that moment, and that The Conductor then started reenacting Phil's voice, it should have been obvious things weren't as they normally are. So makes sense why Allie / Alicia wouldn't be at home waiting, making breakfast, since she somehow failed to save Lucian's soul mate, and probably wouldn't have a son to take care of.

The real questions are....

Where did The Conductor exactly come from?

How does he know so much?

How can he stop the Guardian of Worlds from leaving it's chamber? How does the Guardian of Worlds allow him to be in it's prescence without becoming hostile?

Why was the Guardian of Worlds eventually hostile toward the ones who were eradicating the rifts that threatened to throw this delicate omnidimensional "balance" into chaos? Why was he hostile to the prophesized one heralded as "The Savior"?

Why not just show Oliver the alternate universe where Allie / Alicia failed to save Lucian's soulmate and he was never born, but also one where he's taken Oliver's place?

What became of Allie / Alicia and where has she gone since she failed?

I just want to go with my gut and say it's not as deep or thought out as it seems, is actually half assed, and just the devs trolling, but still.... Damn my "curiousity".
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