Any must know tips for a new player?

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Some of the boss fights are incredibly difficult.
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Unless if you grind a lot or do the errands/bounties as you progress the story, you'll never have any money, ever.
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Irukichan posted...
I thought I was doing myself a favor my first playthrough by grabbing the best endgame familiars and leveling them knowing they were late bloomers. The familiars that blossom at 80+ is not worth wasting your time on during the main game.

Indeed. If you are not serious about grinding (to obtain all PS3 achievements), leave these late boomers out of your line up.

- Bone Baron
- Triumphant/Hierophant
- Madcap/Nightcap
- Pyromander/Petramander
- Honky-Tonker

They get mentioned a lot, but they won't become any good any time soon.
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Also note, you get experience if a character is dead (if you call die, it's game over though) and they return with 1 health after the battle. Knowing this you will save yourself a lot of "pheonix downs" (forgot what they were called in this game) on regular battles.

The short version of how monsters get stats is they can level after they are able to metamorphose (protip: do no grind for the items in the volcano stage. It's a waste of time.), so you can get more stats out of them before they change and drop back down to level 1. There are different max levels for different familiars.

If you don't care about stats (it's really only important for end-game stuff) just evolve them after they get all of their skills.

Browse around on this forum and you will get the information on this 30 times over.

Lastly, capture rate is purely a percentage. Say it's 10%, that means 10% of the familiars you kill (after you can capture them, the game will let you know) will be able to capture. There's a late game upgrade that gives you 4% more chance to capture them, but it's 4% of the original capture %. So it's kind of useless.

Later in the game you can gain the ability to rename your familiars if you name it something stupid.

Just take your time and have fun with it.
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copycat2008 posted...
a familiar you get in the golden grove throught story line a seed sprite, he's a very good healer later on. very weak on attacks but swap him in and out he has a very good healing spell.

Yes, it has a weak physical attack and defense. But it's affinity for treats that increase magic attack is solid. Learns a fairly decent water spell early on that makes the volcano boss a push over. On top of that, rather than guarding, it EVADES instead which negates damage entirely. Also useful on the volcanic boss who uses volcanic roar to damage all active characters. Just keep a supply of coffees handy.
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