#1shaunf1992Posted 1/24/2014 12:39:39 PM
Started playing yesterday and got a question about metamorphosis. Im not at this point yet but iv seen that the last form for monolith and all of the others iv looked at can be 2 different ones. Just wondering is the last form random or do you have to do different things to get each.

#2Leon481Posted 1/24/2014 12:50:15 PM
You can choose which form you want when you morph it. You don't really ave to do anything special.
#3AeriusPosted 1/24/2014 2:57:41 PM
You should save before you do the final metamorph as some of the forms look pretty dumb and you don't get a lot of information on what the differences are before you hit the trigger.
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#4turbanmythPosted 1/24/2014 4:39:42 PM(edited)
When you get to final forms, unless you're grinding Tokos, usually you already have a good understanding of the game and can make a solid choice. When morphing final forms you must consider the over all make of your entire team. You don't want to have 3 or 4 familiars using the same elements for instance. What you want is a balanced team with a complete repertoire of tricks and roles.

So, base your final morphs on what else you have so that, your team can handle anything thrown at you. But of course, if you are significantly over leveled none of these advices matter anyway.
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