Turning off skills?

#1Chickensrule7Posted 1/24/2014 4:07:28 PM
Esther uses way too much mp by singing her songs and always runs out in a single wild battle. Is there any way to shut off those songs so she can't play them?
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#2turbanmythPosted 1/24/2014 4:32:40 PM
Simple answer to this is the "use no abilities" tactics i guess. But you need to understand why she does what she does, or any of then for that matter. She chooses herself because at that precise point there are no better options, either your best familiar has run out of time or you just simply have familiars that are worse in stats and tricks compared to Esther.

So, if you give Esther, Swaine or the 4th character better familiars they will not use them unless they have completely run out of options.
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